Best Scuba Diving Destinations in Mexico

This is why Mexico is the best place for scuba diving in the world

People who travel a lot are most likely to partake in adventure sports; and if we’re talking water-based sports, then Scuba Diving ranks quite high up there along with windsurfing and paddle boarding. Compared to other water sports, Scuba diving has a charm of its own. For many, this is probably on top of their top to-do list when on an exotic vacation.

Scuba diving, unlike other activities, transports the diver to another world entirely– the world of the underwater habitat, where they get to interact with the beautiful and mysterious marine world. Oceanic coastlines form the most idyllic places to scuba dive, and there’s no surprise then that Mexico favors divers from all parts of the world. The Gulf of Mexico basin is an enchanting place to go diving and exploring owing to its crystal clear blue waters and the mesmerizing water habitat. If ever want to go Scuba Diving Mexico, you would not want to miss the rest of this article.

Scuba Diving Mexico: A Haven for Divers

With captivating locales, Mexico offers you wonderful scuba diving destinations, the very clear and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the darker and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the meeting point of Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea, are the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, which are good for both novice as well as professional scuba divers.

There are underwater caves which showcase the spectacular play of lights that you can enjoy making for some lifelong memories. Cancun is another location which is excellent for Scuba diving as there is a massive underwater museum situated here. Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico which has special categories of diving for amateurs and professionals alike. Divers here can take a delightful swim with the turtles as well as other aquatic animals. There are options for drift dives as well as deep wall dives.

scuba diving mexico

The port city Puerto Morelos offers some excellent options for Scuba Diving Mexico as well as Banco Chinchorro which is protected and secluded, showcasing the beauty of the coral reefs inside the water. Anton Lizardo is another Scuba Diving location with pristine beaches where the divers can relax.

In The Islas Marias, the water is clear and deep and cooler than the Caribbean Sea. The beautiful Baja California is a perfect place to enjoy and indulge in water sports and activities as it is surrounded by the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean which gives it an apt setting.

Scuba Diving, Sea Fishing, and Whale watching are activities which are immensely popular here with Scuba Diving taking the lead. Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco are two popular Scuba Diving locations with scattered and beautiful coral reefs and the water is extremely clear and cold here.

Scuba Diving destinations in Mexico: Cabo San Lucas – Manta Scuba Diving

In the Southernmost tip of Baja Peninsula lies the Cabo San Lucas which is a paradise for Scuba Diving Mexico. The Manta Scuba Diving resort found in Cabo San Lucas has been offering expert underwater exploration and professional diving services for fifteen years now!

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