8 Reasons To Try Scuba Diving

We have all watched Finding Nemo as teenagers or grown up with The Little Mermaid. Well, how about experiencing their world first-hand? The mysterious universe underwater is both thrilling yet wildly fascinating.
From colorful fish to creatures you thought were purely fiction, once you discover scuba diving your life will be transformed forever.
Trust us.

So apart from that, here are some reasons why you should try scuba, magical activity, adventure or whatever you want to call it. 

Reason #1: Explore a Whole New World

Did you know? The world is made up of 70% water? Currently, about 230.000 species have been found in the ocean.
Discover aquatic life that you have never seen before. You will never forget the feeling of being able to interact with this world and seeing so much happen, an entire world going about its business.
First time diving is known to be a real out of the world experience, and it kind of is!

Reason #2: A Great Workout

You can improve your physical fitness through diving. We use every muscle in your body as you journey through the water. Similar to swimming, scuba diving can improve your agility. Your legs and feet in particular get a great workout.

Diving is a great cardiovascular workout as well. By engaging every muscle at once, you increase blood circulation. Did you know that 500 calories are used in one hour of diving, which is more than an hour of cycling?

Reason #3: One of the Best Communities

Scuba divers are a wonderful community of people who all have a passion for the sea and its beautiful creatures.
Try diving and it will surely transform your life, and introduce you to a new group of people. You will connect with divers from all over the world who you can discover interesting diving locations with. Many divers say diving changed their life forever.

Reason #4: A Great Stress-Buster

Diving is a fantastic way to escape the world’s problems, noise, and traffic. When you enter the water, the only sound you hear is your own breathing. It’s just you and your thoughts plus the stunning life that inhabits this mysterious world.
Start as a visitor and soon you will feel more than a part of it!

Reason #5: Channel Your Inner Explorer

Going deep down into the ocean is a very unique experience. It is rather overwhelming to realize just how massive the underwater ecosystem of the ocean is. Scuba diving is frequently said to be the exploration of an uncharted world.
Even now, new species are discovered every day.

Reason #6: A New World Everytime You Dive

The world has lush tropical waters where you can dive, ranging from locations in South-East Asia, the Caribbean Sea in Middle America, or the renowned Great Barrier Reef in Australia. However, diving is not just for the tropics.

Divers can go try diving in the icy waters of Antarctica, Iceland, and even Austrian lakes. Along with the various animals you’ll find around the world, each place has its own charm and adventures. Nevertheless, this does not mean that repeatedly diving at the same place is monotonous. Every dive is unique; you’ll always see other animals and discover new places.

Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

Reason #7: Defy Gravity, Literally!

We all know what it feels like to navigate in a two dimensional world bound by gravity. But what about defying gravity and weightlessly exploring in three dimensions? Your scuba diving instructor will teach you about buoyancy and how to remain neutral to gravity no matter what depth you are diving at. The possibilities are endless once you discover scuba. Imagine exploring a war ship at eye level, as opposed to standing on the ground like you would do on land, in a museum.

Reason #8: Live in a 3D World

On land, we are used to moving front and back but what about moving up and down? Not possible right. Well, underwater you can move in all 3 dimensions. When your buoyancy control skills improve, you’ll be able to rise and fall in the water just by controlling your breathing. For instance, imagine exploring the ruins of a ship that sank decades ago. Here you can swim around the corridors, in and out of windows even. Remember the first scene of the movie Titanic? Yes, just like that!

Well, the next time you take a holiday, you now have plenty of reasons to try diving for the first time and make it the main agenda!

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