Dive Conditions

Cabo San Lucas water temperature and visibility, wetsuit recommendations and seasons information

Many divers ask when is the best time to dive in cabo san lucas.

There is no single answer for that but in general the fall has warmer waters and we run more full day trips in this time of year.

The Cabo Pulmo season is from May till the end of November. 

For Gordo Banks we will be operating from May till January.

The La Paz whale shraks trip is from October till end of April.

Here, in the Sea of Cortez and Cabo San Lucas area, water temperature and visibility can vary from day to day and even site to site. This is a result of diving where the sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. The ocean brings currents rich with nutrients for marine animals.
While the end of the summer and fall offer warm tropical water, as the temperatures decrease in the winter, the number of unique species that you might see in the dive sites increases, as well as the size of the schools of snapper, grunts, jacks, and groupers.

Cabo is not always “bathtub diving” but rather a diving adventure to see all the unique marine animals that the sea of Cortez has to offer in such vast abundance. From December to March, when the Humpback and Grey Whales are in the area, or August to December when we have Hammerhead expeditions, and large schools of Mobula Rays can be seen in the local sites, there are always unique things to see. To top it off, Cabo averages only 6 inches of rain a year, so expect lots of warm sunshine!

Wetsuits recommendations: do you need a wetsuit in Cabo san, Lucas ?? most months of the year, you will need a wetsuit. Some months just a shorty, others full 3mm wetsuits and few months even 6-7mm wetsuit. please take a look at the water temperature here in the Chart to get a better idea; you can always send us a WhatsApp or mail to ask for our recommendation.

Here are some general guidelines of what you can expect here in the southern Sea of Cortez and Los Cabos:

Time of Year


Water Temperature

  • 66-76F
  • 78-86F
  • 70-75F
  • 66-72F


  • 30-60 Feet
  • 40-90 Feet
  • 30-60 Feet
  • 20-50 Feet
Availabilty Check