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Diving 2 tanks In Cabo Local Reserve


With a vibrating marine life and a dazzling underwater landscape, Cabo San Lucas marine park diving is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Tour Highlights
Dive the local sites, just 10 minutes boat ride
Good chance of seeing Sealions, rays, eels, schools of fish
Enjoy a tour around the Land’s End area: see Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion’s Colony, the famous arch, and the Pacific
Experience a ride on our well shaded, fully equipped, and custom made dive boats
Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor
Daily at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm
Approx. 3.5 hours
Certified divers, last dive less than 18 months ago
General Description

‘The Underwater Aquarium of the World…’

The enormous underwater cliffs that go 300-600ft down to depth, the unique Sand falls phenomenon, and the hundreds of species of marine life are just part of what makes diving in this site a must-do experience in Los Cabos.
No wonder Jacques Cousteau, the famous French filmmaker & innovator, named it ‘The Underwater Aquarium of the World…’.

Cabo San Lucas Marine Park offers some unique experiences and excellent conditions.
Here, you can watch the unique Sand Falls phenomenon, an underwater avalanche of sand, at Pelican Rock and Neptune Finger (and a few more sites along the underwater cliffs) and dive with the playful sea lions next to the famous arch.

Inside the bay’s protection, the conditions are excellent for diving, with rarely any currents and typically good visibility.
Cabo San Lucas marine park diving site offers shallow water dive, which together with the conditions makes it a perfect site for first-time divers and families, as well as deep-water diving for the more experienced & adventurous divers.


Your day at the Cabo San Lucas Marine Reserve

Manta’s PADI certified Divemasters will lead this tour in small groups.
They’ll meet you upon check-in at the Manta diving facility in the marina, and after getting ready with the gear, you’ll take a short 5 to 10-minute boat ride in the famous Land’s End to the site.

The ride itself is beautiful: it’s taken in a well-shaded, fully equipped, and custom-made dive boat, and you’ll be able to see Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion’s Colony, the famous arch, and the dramatic meeting point of the Sea of Cortez with the great wide Pacific Ocean.

After arriving at the site, you’ll receive instructions from the Manta Divemasters about safety, communication, and gear.
Then our PADI will choose together with the group which site to see first, considering the diving conditions and level of divers.
Now you’re all set for the real thing, so get your camera-ready – it’s diving time!


The Cabo Marine Reserve – scuba diving Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo San Lucas Marine Park is one of the great diving sites of the region.
The unique underwater landscapes and marine life make diving on this site an unforgettable experience.
The variety and uniqueness of marine animals can be overwhelming.

The bay’s eastern side was declared a National Marine Park in 1973, one of the first in Mexico.
Over the years, the abundance of marine life has grown from this protection.

Here you can see Sea Lions as well as hundreds of species of marine animals, from tropical fish to eels, lobsters, rays, and small nudibranchs.
Cabo San Lucas marine park diving is an extraordinary experience that will have you planning your next trip to Cabo before stepping off the boat.

Hop in & enjoy the dive.


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