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Discover Scuba Diving


Uncover the magic of the underwater world with Manta’s Scuba diving course.
In a short course, you’ll take an introductory dive and learn how to scuba in a fun and safe way, and experience diving in the colorful scenery of one the best diving sites of Cabo.

Daily at 8:00 am, and 1:00 pm
4 hours
10 years old
General Description

Discover Scuba – The best scuba course for beginners in Cabo

Manta’s scuba diving course allows you to learn to scuba while experiencing real-time diving in one of the world’s most beautiful diving sites.
In this introductory dive, you get a chance to experience what it feels like underwater.

Under the watch of our certified PADI divemasters, you’ll learn how to handle and breathe with the scuba equipment and how to operate underwater.
After you gain the needed skills and confidence, Manta’s professionals will take you to your first dive.
Your first dive will be a shallow water dive in a beautiful, memorable diving site.

The diving site is amazing, rich with vibrating marine life.
You get an opportunity to spot fish in all shapes and sizes (and colors), including Sea lions, Boxfish, Manta rays, and so much more.
An experience you’ll remember for a lifetime, guaranteed.

The experience does not end here, and after the first dive, you get the opportunity to sharpen your skills on a second dive.
We’ll take a short tour on a boat to see land’s-end area sights, including the famous arch, the sea lion colony, and more.
On the 2nd site, you can go scuba, snorkeling, or chill on the boat, so this trip is perfect for families or groups that include some non-divers.
The minimum age to take this course is 10 years old. 

It’s important to note that this is not a certification course, but a introductory dive that allows you to experience diving for the first time under the observation of a professional guide. 
Within a few hours, you’ll master all the equipment and all the techniques and skills needed to go on your first sole diving adventure. 

Your days at Manta scuba course – discover scuba diving 

We’ll meet at the Manta dive shop in Cabo San Lucas.
Upon check-in, you’ll fill a medical form,  fit with your diving gear and meet Manta’s professional PADI instructor.
Once you are ready, we’ll take a 5 minutes boat ride to the first dive site.

At the dive site, the instructor will give complete instruction regarding the dive: He’ll teach you how to breathe underwater, guide you about the gear and how to use it, explain how we communicate underwater, and brief you about safety precautions. 

At the beginning of the dive, the instructor will introduce you to a few necessary skills which you will learn and practice.
Don’t worry; it’s easy; you will master them quickly and build your confidence.
Once you are done with the skills and ready to have the adventure of your life, your instructor will take you to explore the beautiful dive site and show you the tropical fish and creatures hiding beneath the ocean’s surface. 

After the first dive, we’re heading to our 2nd dive.
The ride will be taken in our well-shaded, fully equipped, and custom-made dive boat so you can lay back, get some rest and enjoy the view, including the arch, sea lion’s colony, etc.
Tired after your first dive? No worries, you can chill on the boat or go snorkeling.

After the 2nd dive, we’ll head off back to shore; you can now celebrate your first diving adventure with a beer in the center of town or head back to the pool in your hotel.

Price Info

1 Tank Discover Scuba Diving Course
$38 for dive gear rental
$40 for 2nd dive(optional)
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