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Combo 2 or 3 tanks Corridor & Cabo


The Combo 2 / 3 tanks Cabo & Corridor Is the ultimate diving experience in Cabo San Lucas.
This exclusive one is the only trip that allows 2 or 3 dives at 2 of the most beautiful diving areas in Cabo San Lucas in one day.

Only at Manta! The Combo 2/3 tanks include some of the Cabo’s highlights as the Sand falls at Pelican Rock and Neptune’s finger, the Sea Lions colony, the famous arch at Cabo Marine Reserve, as well as Twin Dolphin,   Julio’s-Reef, Los Morros, Whales Head, Chileno, the Blow hole and more at the corridor.

Tour Highlights
Get the most out of your 2 or 3 Tanks dive tour by exploring two different dive areas
Enjoy a tour around the Land’s End area: see Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion’s Colony, the famous arch, and the Pacific
Experience a ride on our well shaded, fully equipped, and custom made dive boats
Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor
We meet at 7:30 am for the tour
2 Tanks 4 hours, 3 T 5-6 hours, sandwich included for surface interval
Certified divers, last dive less than two years ago
General Description

What is a 2 / 3 Tanks Combo?

The 2 or 3 tanks combo provides a well-rounded experience of the essence of Cabo diving. It includes visiting two different scenery diving areas: One is local – Cabo Marine Reserve, also called Land’s End, and the other is located further east, and well known as – The Corridor.

Cabo San Lucas Marine Park diving is a must-do. The rigid underwater landscape at the Cabo Marine Reserve diving site provides a perfect setting for the hundreds of species of marine life.
Here you can watch unique underwater falls and swim next to Sea Lions and colorful fish. Diving the Corridor Cabo San Lucas is quieter but impressive, with rocky reef formations, beautiful coral, and occasional encounters with schooling rays.

This trip is ideal for divers who have limited time, as well as for families. You’ll have the best dives at 2 great sites in half a day, dive inside the bay where you’ll get great conditions, and you can save precious traveling time to the east cape or La Paz, which makes this tour the best value for money and time.

Your day at the combo tour

We’ll meet at the Manta diving facility in the marina. After getting ready and getting all the instructions you need, our PADI certified Dive Masters will lead the tour to the site in small groups, using our well-shaded, fully equipped, and custom-made dive boats.
Choosing the specific sights in those two major areas will be made together with you, considering diving conditions and the level of divers. You got 2 or 3 dives –  in the Cabo reserve area and in the Corridor sites – so you’ll have great options either way.

A nice sandwich will be waiting on board to fill you up between dives.
This will make a perfect morning trip, including diving in two very different locations, together with a beautiful boat ride to see the marvelous coast away from Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo Marine Reserve – scuba diving Cabo San Lucas

A short 5 to 10 minutes boat ride away, you will discover spectacular underwater landscapes such as sand falls at Neptune’s Finger and Pelican Rock, as well as hundreds of species of marine life, which will make this an unforgettable scuba diving Cabo San Lucas experience.

At the very tip of Baja we have a wonderful dive site called The Point, it the last rock of Baja, we dive from one side at the Sea of Cortez and end up in the other side – the Pacific, in this site we have many great things, a small cave, canyon, sea lions, big pieces of wreck, huge eels, lots of fish and sometimes even huge bait ball of fish chased by the sea lions and the tunas.

Above sea level, this area is famously called Land’s End: As we cruise towards our diving destination, you will be able to see Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion’s Colony, the famous arch, and the dramatic meeting point of the Sea of Cortez with the great wide Pacific Ocean.

The Corridor – scuba diving the Corridor

The Corridor is located a scenic 25-40 minute boat ride east of the harbor. It includes some of our favorite diving sites with very few other dive boats in the area.
The rocky reef formations, massive boulders, and soft corals offer different dive profiles than those found in the Marine Reserve.

This area also provides good opportunities for encountering schooling rays.
The Corridor is a bit quieter in terms of boat traffic, during the Whale migration season, you will be able to hear them singing while you are diving.

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