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Two tank dive – The Corridor


Take a ride to an underwater safari of the corridor. This remote diving site offers more relaxed and quiet diving. It takes place on a beautiful site with rocky reefs that are packed with various sea creatures. Small sea creatures hide between the corals, huge schools of rays swim in the water and you can spot humpbacks and Grey Whales (seasonal).

8:00 am – 12:30 pm, check inn at 7:30 am

Tour Highlights
Enjoy more remote, quiet dive sites
Get close to migrating Whales during the surface interval (seasonal)
Explore the small creatures that hide between the corals and on the sea fans
Experience a ride on our well shaded, fully equipped, and custom made dive boats
Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor
Daily at 8:00 am
Approx. 5 hours
Certified divers, last dive less than two years ago
General Description

Diving the Corridor Cabo San Lucas

A 25 minutes boat ride from Cabo San Lucas lies a beautiful diving site, the Corridor. It offers a different dive profile from most of the dives in Cabo San Lucas.
It’s quieter, more remote, with rocky reef formations packed with small creatures and schools of fish. 

The 2 tanks dive together with a relaxed vibe allowing you to truly enjoy the site. It offers the best opportunity to spot beautiful schooling rays, diamond stingrays, and guitarfish resting on the sand. 

The rocky reefs are covered in colonies of finger coral, sea fans, and sponges. The corals are packed with fascinating sea creatures: you can find Zebra Eels, Sea Horses, Stone scorpionfish, Cortez Rays, Lobsters, Spotted Boxfish, Calico Lizardfish, and Loose Tooth Parrotfish Diamond Stingrays, hiding between the corals and on the sea fans. Such a beautiful sight.  

This trip is for certified divers that will dive in small groups together with Manta’s PADI certified Divemaster or instructor.
The divers will enjoy 2 tank dives at 2 beautiful sites at the corridor: Chileno Bay – a large bay, best for 40-60 foot range – and Santa Maria bay – a small, shallow bay rich with coral.


Your day at the 2 tanks corridor 

One of the benefits of the 2 tanks trip to the corridor is that it allows you and our divers to see more sites and get the most of your day and our multiple-day packages.
This is a 5 to 6 hours trip, starting at 7:30 AM, so you’ll be back on shore by 2 PM, allowing you to enjoy more sites or just relaxing and enjoying the vacation vibes at Cabo.
Low-cost transportation is available. 

After getting ready and getting all the instructions you need, our PADI certified Dive Masters will give you short instructions upon arrival then we’ll get ready with the diving gear and head off to a 15-25 minutes ride in a costume-made dive boat.
The ride is scenic and the boat is well shaded and fully equipped so you can chill and enjoy the ride. This is a beautiful, fun, and relaxed 2 dive trip that makes a perfect morning. Dive in! 


Diving the corridor Cabo San Lucas – Chileno Bay

Chileno is a stunning bay with a rocky reef system that juts perpendicular to the beach. It is a large bay with very few other visitors so you’ll have the time and space to enjoy a relaxed dive. 

The dive site is best in the 40 to 60-foot range and one of the best places to find Diamond Stingrays and Guitar Fish resting on the sand, schools of Pork Fish, and Zebra Eels.
The rocky reef system here is covered in small colonies of finger coral, sea fans, and sponges. Look closely for sea horses and stone scorpionfish, both great at hiding out in the open.
The dive is usually conducted as a drift dive, with the reef to one side and the deep blue to the other; don’t forget to keep an eye out for schools of Mobula Rays passing by. 


Diving the corridor Cabo San Lucas – Gavilan, Twin Dolphin, Whales Head, Blow Hole, Los Morros and Santa Maria

Rich with coral and stunning marine life Santa Maria is a beautiful diving site. It is a small shallow bay with rocky reef systems.
Starting in the bay, we make our way westward for another easy drift dive next to the reefs. As we make our way out of the bay, the depths drop off to 50 or 60 feet, and the rocky formations grow.
Santa Maria has many sandy channels between the coral-encrusted rocky formations and is an excellent place to see Cortez Rays, Lobsters, Spotted Boxfish, Calico Lizardfish, and Loose Tooth Parrotfish among many other species.
As always, keep an eye out for schooling Rays and the occasional Banded Guitarfish.

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