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Cabo short afternoon Snorkeling tour


Join us for a fantastic experience: snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, one of the world’s greatest snorkeling sites. In one afternoon, you’ll swim with amazing marine life and enjoy the beautiful sites of the Pacific side of Baja.

Cabo snorkeling tours

Join us for a beautiful, relaxed, and exciting afternoon. We’ll snorkel in the Cabo Marine Park, “the underwater aquarium of the world…” as the famous French filmmaker Jacques Cousteau once named it, spotting hundreds of species of marine life in a relaxed, convenient atmosphere.
Cabo Marine Park is one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrating diving sites.
Next to amazing underwater cliffs, hundreds of species prosper, from tropical fishes and rays all the way to small nudibranchs.
Outside the water, the landscape is stunning. The tour includes visiting the lover’s beach, the sea lion colony, the famous arch, and Lands-End.

1.5 - 2 hours
Good health and early reservation
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Your afternoon at Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tours

Manta’s PADI-certified divemasters will meet you in the early afternoon at Manta Scuba dive center. We will get our gear ready, try the wetsuit on, and head off to the boat, where the captain will greet and brief you shortly about the tour and snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas beautiful site. A short, 5-minute ride to the dive site will be taken in a comfortable, well-shaded, and fully equipped dive boat.
Once we’ll get to Pelican Rock, we hoop in the water and enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the wondrous water of Cabo San Lucas.
The water is shallow, and you’ll be protected by the bay, so you’ll have all the time needed to experience a calm dive with colorful fish all around you.
Once out of the water, we will cruise to visit the Arch, the Lovers beach, the Sealion colony at the Lands end, and the Pacific side of Baja.
You will have time to look at the beautiful landscape and take pictures. Our crew will take you back to the dock, where you can enjoy a hot shower at our facility and enjoy the beautiful Cabo.

The Cabo Marine Reserve – Best site for Cabo snorkeling

The variety and uniqueness of marine life, together with the unique underwater landscape, make Cabo Marine Park one of the most famous snorkeling sites in the world.
The snorkeling conditions at Cabo Marin Park are usually excellent, with good visibility and rarely any currents. The shallow water inside the bay offers a great opportunity to calmly experience vibrating marine life, with Schooling fish, sea lions, Mobula rays, and much more.

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Short guided afternoon tour
Gear + wet suit included

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