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PADI Open Water Diver Course


Get your PADI Open Water certification while enjoying the fantastic diving sites of Cabo San Lucas.
Manta’s diving course teaches you everything you need to know to dive independently while giving you a great, fun vacation.

Daily, advanced reservation
3-4 half days
Good physical health
General Description

Padi Open Water certification

Your PADI certification starts here. Manta’s open water diver course gives you all the knowledge you need, trains you first in our indoor heated dive pool, and allows you to experience 4 open water dives in great conditions at Cabo San Lucas Marine Park with hundreds of species of colorful fish around you.

This entry-level course qualifies you to be a PADI Open Water Diver.
As a PADI Open Water Diver, you are allowed to dive with another certified diver without an instructor’s supervision or a diving guide and up to a depth of 60 feet (18 meters). 

We start with learning scuba diving fundamentals.
Our experienced Instructors will teach you all the principles needed to go scuba diving.
Lessons will be taken at Manta’s facilities after being done with the ONLINE academic part of the course, and include diving terms and lingo, underwater communication, diving equipment, and the manner of using it.
An important part will be dedicated to the physical and physiological principles, such as buoyancy, pressure, depth, and breathing compressed air underwater. 

Then we head off to our indoor heated pool for some practice.
Practicing is essential for you to experience diving in a friendly and safe environment.
In the warm pool at Manta’s facility, you’ll learn how to handle your diving gear and exercise scuba diving skills and principles. 

Once you master the knowledge and skills needed, the real thing starts – we head off to San Lucas Marine Park, where you have 4 dives in the open water, 2 dives per day.
The site is amazing with unique underwater sand falls, and overwhelming marine life animals, from tropical fish to eels, lobsters, rays, sea lions and small nudibranchs. 

Manta’s scuba diving course takes 3-4 half days and requires good health conditions.
The course is not all about theory, and everything learned will be implemented in water from the start.
We offer great deals on accommodation in a hotel or villa as well as low-cost roundtrip transportation to our facility. 


Your days at Manta’s PADI Open Water Diver course

Manta’s PADI Open Water Diver course combines learning and fun.
Here, you learn everything needed in a relaxed yet professional environment. 

Our professional PADI Instructors lead the course – the best team around Cabo San Lucas.
Our team of professionals will guide you through everything you need to know to dive independently in 3-4 days.
The course will take approximately half a day – 5-6 hours – each day, at the excellent Manta facility, which includes a warm water pool for practice and, of course, hot showers for the students.

The course will start with theory and learning but will soon start training and gaining practical knowledge.
Theory and learning can be taken at the excellent Manta’s facility or online, in the comfort of your home, through interactive presentations with videos, audio, reading, and everything you need to know. After gaining all the knowledge online, you’ll train at the Manta’a facilities.

Practical knowledge and training will be taken in our heated pool.
Pool training will start the first day and continue while needed.
You can have all your pool training
consecutively, on one day, and spend the following days getting your open water experience at the local diving site.
Alternatively, you can rotate pool training and open water experience.

Either way, the second day of the course includes your first Open-Water experience at the local diving site (again, update me on the details, and I’ll update the text accordingly; Voice messages are fine).
The third day combines learning and gaining more practical diving experience at the local site.
On the last day, you’ll take your exam, make 2 more dives, and that’s it, you’re a certified scuba diver now!

Price Info
1 Participant $780
2 Participants $680 pp
3 Participants or more $630 pp
Full course: Theory online, Pool training, 4 Open Water dives, and PADI Open Water Diver certification
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