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Cabo Pulmo Diving


Get a close look at one of the world’s healthiest reefs at Cabo Pulmo.
This National Marine Park is a divers’ playground: several reefs, countless fish, and electrifying colors make Cabo Palmo diving a memorable and amazing experience.

Tour Highlights
Explore the pristine coral reef with an abundant of marine life
Indulge yourself with authentic Mexican lunch at a local restaurant
Be amazed by the magnificent size the fish can get due to protection
Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor
Relax the ride through the amazing landscape in an air conditioned van
At 5:45am
10 hours, lunch included
Certified divers that dove recently
General Description

Cabo Pulmo diving tour – watching the reefs in action

At the East Cape of Los Cabos, by the sea of Cortez and next to a picturesque fishing village lies Cabo Palmo, a National Marine Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Cabo Palmo is living evidence of how protection affects underwater life and the ecosystem.


Since Cabo Pulmo was declared a national park and a protected, no-fishing area in 1995, marine life has prospered significantly.
The reefs are now home to over 200 species of all shapes and sizes.
Here you can spot all sorts of fish: from eels and dazzling nudibranchs, through huge schools of Jacks to massive rays.
You can also catch some unique species like sea turtles and even sharks every once in a while.


The conditions are great. Cabo Pulmo is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and is a quieter site than the others in Cabo San Lucas. The water here is warm, clean, and natural.
Some of the dives sites are pretty shallow, allowing you to be amazed by the colorful reefs (there are 10 of them) and the life pattern surrounding the reefs.
It requires blue water diving, so it’s suitable for experienced or mid-level divers.


Your day at Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo diving is a different experience than from most of the dives in Cabo San Lucas: it’s more relaxed, isolated, and remote.
Your day will start at 5:45 AM at Manta’s diving facility in the marina, where you’ll meet Manta’s PADI certified divemaster.


After getting ready with all the gear and equipment, we’ll hit the road.
The 2 hours ride to Cabo Pulmo will be taken in an air-conditioned van so you can get comfortable and enjoy the amazing landscape around you.


Once we get there, we’ll take a 10-15 minutes boat ride to the site.
Most of the dive sites are shallow (40 – 60 feet), allowing you long and very easy drift dives, where you can spot all sorts of marine life growing and clinging to the coral.


After enjoying the spectacle that is scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo, we’ll enjoy a tasty meal at the staff’s favorite local restaurant before heading back.


Cabo Pulmo Scuba – diving in a UNESCO World Heritage site

Cabo Pulmo is a unique diving site.
Not every day, you get to dive in a 7,111 hectares of marine reserve with a strict no-fishing policy and a 20,000 years old reef.
Together, they create a beautiful colorful diving site that is famous worldwide.
Diving here is a rich, jazzy experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


We can experience this site in full thanks to the people of Cabo Pulmo.
In the early ’90s, the community of Cabo Pulmo gathered to save the reefs, and in 1995 the site was officially declared as a national park and a protected, no-fishing area.


Nowadays, after decades of protection, the reefs are recovered and vivid.
Scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo is very popular due to the variety of sites and marine life you can find here.
More than 10 beautiful scuba and snorkeling sites are found at the site, with hundreds of species, including schools of Rays, Sea Turtles, giant Groupers, large schools of Big-eyed Jacks, Pork fish, Eels, Rays, and many, many more.


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