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Whale Sharks In La Paz


Please note – the tour is available from October/November till April depending on local conditions and permits.

Get on board – we’re going snorkeling with whale sharks!
Join us for a magical day, where you’ll experience the most magical adventures of Cabo San Lucas: swimming with the biggest creature of the ocean and playing with the curious sea lions at the sea lions colony.
A once in a lifetime experience, one that you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

Tour Highlights
Play with the curious sea lions
Snorkel with the biggest fish in the ocean
Explore other regions of the Baja California
Great for all the family
Your guide is a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor
October 1st through April 30th at 5:45 am, please check with us if tour available
12 hours
Advance Reservations
General Description

Swim with whale sharks in La Paz

The bay of La Paz offers one of the most exciting experiences and the biggest draw Baja California has to offer: swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat.
Protected by La Paz Bay’s shallow, Plankton-rich water, they allow us to watch them in their full glory.

The first thing you must know about this trip is that it’s completely safe.
Whale sharks are a classic case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”: they are actually gentle, docile, and slow-moving creatures who are not dangerous to humans, and it’s completely safe to swim next to them.
Moreover, you’ll be guided by one of Manta’s PADI professionals, and all safety precautions will be taken.

The trip is not limited to the La Paz Whale Sharks; we will also visit to the San Rafaelito Sea Lion colony to watch the Brown California Sea Lions.
The Sea Lions love to play and explore; their curious character bursts once they see the bright fins and snorkels.
You can often find the pups pulling at your fins, eager to play, showing off, and turning circles around us.

If lucky, we can spot a pack of dolphins or humpback whales.

Due to local regulations and to ensure the shark’s and sea lion’s protection, we do only snorkeling next to them. In this area, these animals like to stay very close to the surface, which makes it easier to observe them this way.

This trip is perfect for everyone: lone explorers, couples and families, professionals, and first-time divers, all can enjoy the whale sharks la Paz experience. Even non-divers would enjoy the great views of the unique fish and marine animals.

La Paz Whale Shark season starts around fall (October-November) and continues until the last day of April, so this trip operates in these months only and requires advance confirmation from us.

Your day with the whale sharks at La Paz

Shape up; it’s gonna be a long day, packed with great adventures and memorable sites.
Our day will start with introducing Manta’s professional PADI instructors at the Manta diving facility in the marina.
The 2-hour drive to La Paz will be taken in a comfortable, air-conditioned van, where you’ll get to see the dramatic landscape of the Sur desert of Baja California.

Upon arriving at La Paz, we’ll hop on the boat and head to the park office check-in area, about 20 minutes from the harbor. Then, we will head to the sea lion colony or whale shark area and do our first snorkeling activity.

There are few safety and communication instructions, and we get into the water.

La Paz – the perfect place to spot whale sharks, 2 hours from Cabo San Lucas

La Paz is the state capital and the biggest city of Baja California.
It’s located on a beautiful bay by the sea of Cortez, about 2 hours drive from Cabo San Lucas.
The bay is globally known for its rich pelagic habitat, home to over 800 marine species.

During the Fall, the bay’s warm water is packed with plankton, krill, and other small invertebrates.
These small creatures attract the oceans’ biggest sea creatures – the whale sharks, who love to feast on Plankton and Krill.
Since whale sharks are friendly creatures that swim close to shore, La Paz Bay offers a great opportunity to watch and even swim beside them.

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