Divemaster Internship


Take the first step into the professional Scuba Diving world in the PADI Divemaster course. Learn how to lead groups of divers, plan their dives and manage the divers underwater. In addition, the training in this course will prepare you for a Diving Instructor course.

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5-6 Amazing weeks
Good health and DM entry requirements
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Divemaster Course in Cabo San Lucas


What will you learn as a DMT (Divemaster In Training) with a MANTA SCUBA Internship? Well, everything!

We plan to train you to work in a variety of dive safaris and ocean conditions. You will assist our staff in preparing dives, leading divers, filling tanks, loading boats, assisting with courses, maintaining equipment, and more.

With our professional staff, you will get the experience to be a skilled, knowledgeable Divemaster, capable of leading safe and fun safaris for certified divers, and ready for PADI Instructor level training.

All program participants are required to have a diver’s medical examination before beginning training. Please click here to download the form. You can print it out and take it to your doctor before coming to Cabo San Lucas for your program.


Speciality Upgrade Scuba Diving Package

In addition to the professional training we have in our Go Pro packages. Enriched Air Nitrox and Deep Diver specialty courses at a significant discount as they are essential for pro’s who want to work in the industry, and we want you to be ready. You can choose this package for an additional $300 (plus $105 for the NITROX and Deep specialty Manuals, NITROX fills are available at special cost).

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Divemaster Internship

Extra: Divemaster digital package

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