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PADI E-Learning


Save precious vacation time with the Manta scuba Padi eLearning course.
Go through the theory online in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and on your schedule so your entire vacation will be all about fun.


Daily at 1:00 pm, reservation required
2-3 half days
Good health and early reservation
General Description

Padi Online Course

Manta’s PADI E-Learning course allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: learning the theory in the comfort of your home while being trained by a top professional in our top facilities (including a heated pool) and gaining the open water experience needed at the excellent conditions and fabulous setting of Cabo SanLucas Marine Park.

This entry-level course starts with learning diving principles and theory online.
You’ll learn scuba diving fundamentals by yourself, on your own time, through interactive presentations with videos, audio, and reading.
You’ll learn all the physical and physiological principles of diving, such as buoyancy, pressure, depth, and breathing compressed air underwater.
You’ll also learn diving terms and diving equipment including how to communicate underwater.
Eventually, you’ll take short quizzes to monitor your progress, and our instructors will go over them and reply to questions to make sure you got it all.

When you are ready, you can join us at Manta’s facilities to complete the course and get your Padi certification.
Our instructor will make sure you master everything needed to go scuba diving.
Breathing underwater is a fantastic feeling, and here you’ll experience it for the first time. You’ll learn how to breathe underwater and practice it in a safe, controlled environment.
You’ll also practice communication and handling the gear underwater.
When you gain all the knowledge needed and practice the theory, you get to experience real underwater scuba diving, in one of the world’s most amazing sites: San Lucas Marine Park at the sea of Cortez.

The online part of the course saves you vacation time. With PADI open water eLearning course, you can learn easily, at your own schedule.
Most importantly, you don’t need to spend a day or a few hours learning theory so you can have more fun diving time while on your vacation.

Your days at Manta scuba facilities – PADI ELearning course

After gaining all the knowledge, we start the practical part at Manta’s facilities at Cabo San Lucas.
Our team of professionals will guide you through: first at our well-heated pool then in the beautiful marine.
In the pool, you’ll experience diving in a friendly and safe environment.
You’ll learn how to handle your diving gear and train on all the principles you got on the online theory part.
Once you master the practical skills, the fun part starts. We’ll go on 4 open water dives in San Lucas Marine Park (probably 2 dives per day) where you’ll get to spot vibrating marine life.

The sea of Cortez is a marine life playground.
It is rich in species and marine life of all shapes and sizes: from eels and small nudibranchs to huge fish like tuna and dolphins and more.
You can also catch some unique species like sea lions (at the amazing sea lions colony) and whale sharks.
The above-water view is not so bad as well.
It’s amazing – you get to see the famous arch, the lover’s beach, and the dramatic meeting point of the Sea of Cortez with the great wide Pacific Ocean.

Padi online course is an entry-level course that qualifies you as a PADI Open Water Diver.
As a PADI Open Water Diver you are allowed to dive with another certified diver without the supervision of an instructor or a diving guide, and up to a depth of 60 feet (18 meters).
The online part rules out the possibility of you learning, reading, or taking exams while you’re on your vacation.
It allows you more free, fun time on your vacation and totally worth it.

Price Info
1 Participant $780
2 Participants $680 pp
3 Participants or more $630 pp
Full course: Theory online, Pool training, 4 Open Water dives, and PADI Open Water Diver certification
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