The Ultimate Snorkeling Guide: A Beginners Encyclopedia

What is snorkeling? Snorkeling is a popular watersport all around the world. It’s an incredible experience that you should try at least once in your life. It is the next best thing for many non-diving visitors to tropical destinations like Mexico or Hawaii because it requires minimal equipment, a few instructions, and is straightforward to do as long as you can swim.
Is it a good idea to snorkel for beginners? If you’re a first-time snorkeler, read on for a comprehensive guide on what you need for snorkeling and more!

Get Set Go: The Basics on How to Snorkel for Beginners

Snorkeling is, first and foremost, a water sport; hence, having a small foundation in swimming is not only helpful but sometimes a mandate. Before you go snorkeling for the first time, try swimming a few lengths at your local pool.

Swimming improves endurance and prepares you for open water circumstances. Work on your flutter kick, breaststroke (also known as frog stroke), and floating with your head in the water at the pool. If you own snorkeling equipment, you can carry it with you and practice swimming with it.

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Types of Snorkel

There are three main types of snorkel. The traditional snorkel, the semi-dry snorkel, and the dry top snorkel.
Traditional snorkel: The classic snorkel is the most basic (and usually least expensive) type of snorkel. It’s basically a tube with a mouthpiece, in terms of ease and equipment it is often the best snorkel for beginners.

Semi-dry snorkel: A splash guard is located at the top of a semi-dry snorkel. This splash guard helps to minimize water from entering the top of the snorkel, although water can still enter. A purge valve is located at the bottom of many semi-dry snorkels. The purge valve’s duty is to discharge any water that has entered the snorkel from the bottom.

The types of snorkels out there are plenty and varied. The concept of a snorkel is pretty straightforward—it is a plastic and silicone tube that allows you to breathe when your face is immersed underwater. However, this initially extremely basic piece of snorkeling equipment has been updated numerous times throughout the years.

A dry snorkel is the finest option for recreational snorkelling. A dry-top snorkel means that when a wave comes over the snorkelers, a specific portion on the top of the tube prevents water from entering the tube. If immersed, it totally seals the tube. Because the snorkel remains dry, you can begin inhaling right away after resurfacing without having to empty the tube. Wondering what type of snorkel is meant for you? Read on to know the different types, pros and cons!

Dry top snorkel: A dry top snorkel is meant to keep water out of your snorkel entirely. When the snorkel is submerged, the spherical ball within the dry top rises and blocks the top of the snorkel, preventing water from entering.

What you need for snorkeling: Getting the Equipment Right

It is critical to be sure about the make and fit of your equipment not only when buying a snorkel for beginners, but also when using it for the first time. Check that your mask fits well on your face (if necessary, adjust the mask strap using the tightening buckles), and practice breathing with your mask and snorkel on outside of the water. Calm and steady is the way when it comes to snorkeling. 

The Snorkelling Spot

Although the best coral reefs can only be reached by boat, such snorkeling excursions require a little more experience because they usually happen in deep waters. And this is usually recommended for people who are a little more experienced. Reasons are pretty obvious, don’t you think

You don’t have to be a licensed scuba diver to encounter some of the most fascinating sea creatures. In fact, in certain places, you can simply swim in from the beach into the shallows with your mask and snorkel to come face to face with the most interesting and otherworldly marine life.

Scuba diving is not for everyone, but snorkeling is. So, whether you’re looking for an exciting vacation with your buddies or planning an adventure with your better half, this is one experience that will not disappoint. To get the most of snorkeling and to do it right here is a list of 6 stunning snorkeling spots across the world.


Spots for Snorkeling in Cabo

Go for a snorkeling expedition and enter the oceanic world of Cabo San Lucas! There is a lot to see both above and below the water here, from the gorgeous scenery on Lover’s Beach to the famed Arch and sea lion colony. Snorkeling in Cabo’s warm waters will introduce you to a variety of tropical creatures, unusual rock formations and help you make new friends too (read: sea lions).

It’s the little things that make a holiday truly meaningful and this is one of them. The Sea of Cortez was dubbed “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau because of the abundance of plant and animal life found there. You don’t need to dive deep, just snorkel in Cabo right beneath the surface and you will be witness to the most wonderful sights. Trust us, this is a once in a lifetime experience, you do not want to miss.

Snorkeling Guide: A Beginners Encyclopedia

Safety Precautions

The ocean conditions can change in a second, no matter how experienced you are, thus taking safety precautions is suggested for everyone entering the water, but an absolutely vital requirement for first-timers.

Make sure you have the proper safety equipment and the best snorkel for beginners.
If you don’t feel comfortable floating in open water, purchase an inflatable snorkel vest or a floatation device. Carrying a surface marking buoy is also highly suggested to be visible to passing boats and people on the shore. To know more about what you need for snorkeling, it is best to discuss the same with your guide beforehand

Never snorkel alone

Underwater sports necessitate a buddy system in which both individuals are responsible for the safety of the other person. This rule is especially important for recreational diving and freediving, and while snorkeling alone is totally possible, it is not the best plan. Afterall, what is snorkeling?, if it’s not shared.

Reef Etiquette

We often forget that no matter where we are, manners matter. In the ocean, you will be amazed by the diversity of creatures you will see, but remember that you are only a visitor in their world, so respect and don’t harm this delicate world.

Remember that coral reefs are live organisms, so don’t stand on them, and try to glance down when thrashing around to stay afloat as you might kick something you shouldn’t. Also, try not to stand on any rocks. What you think is a rock could be a delicate undersea creature.

Respect other people’s personal space, even when you’re underwater. As enthusiastic as you are, and as much as you want to reach out to the person next to you to make sure they see the magnificent lion fish that is just sailing by, not everyone enjoys the intrusion.

Take nothing with you, including starfish, coral fragments, and shells. Taking a conch or lobster while diving is forbidden and often illegal.

Check the Weather

An important thing when planning to snorkel for beginners is the weather forecast. Seas that are calm and smooth are ideal for snorkeling. Keep in mind that weather patterns can vary throughout the day.

Even with sunny forecasts, it’s crucial to check the water for yourself to see if it’s suitable for snorkeling. If you stop for lunch, be sure the water is still suitable for snorkeling before continuing.

Hiring a Boat

It is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of boating vs beginning directly from the beach. It is not compulsory but is more a matter of preference.

Boating and snorkeling offers twice the enjoyment-you get the undersea view as well as a stunning and scenic boat tour.
Snorkeling from a boat, on the other hand, is frequently the more expensive option. If you snorkel directly from the beach, apart from renting equipment to snorkel for beginners, everything else is free.

Snorkeling broadens one’s horizons in terms of experiences and travel. Places that one has never considered seeing before become must-sees. So take the leap, spend your holidays on gorgeous beaches and in a mesmerizing ocean. 

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