6 of the Best Water Activities in Cabo

When you think of Mexico you probably think of beautiful beaches, margaritas in the sun, and possibly some parties, but for some of us, it’s a fountain full of water sports, diving, snorkeling, and other water activities.

From Extreme sports activities to chilling at the beach, Cabo San Lucas has it all. Here are some of our favorite ones, including some of the best dive sites in Cabo San Lucas.

Visiting Land’s end

Land’s End is Cabo’s signature site and is probably the biggest “must-see” site in Cabo. The rocky cliffs jutting from the sea are amazing and offer a perfect setting for diving or snorkeling trips or a romantic dinner.

A trip to Land’s end offers amazing views of lover’s beach, the famous arch, and the dramatic meeting point of the pacific ocean and the sea of Cortez. Some of those trips may also include the fantastic experience of swimming with the playful sea lions at the Sea Lion Colony.


You’ve probably seen a few viral videos of fly-board on Instagram or Tiktok, and Baja offers a great opportunity to experiment with one of the coolest water adventures worldwide.

This new water sport takes you flying over the water on a futuristic fly-board. The calm water of Baja allows you to learn it in optimal conditions. After a few dives, you’ll get things going and fly like a superhero and dive like a dolphin. Worth it.

PADI guide course

Cabo’s san Lucas dive sites are perfect not only for snorkeling and diving. They also present you with the opportunity to get that PADI open water certification you always wanted at one of the world’s most beautiful diving.

The underwater setting is simply dazzling, the marine life is vibrating and we cannot imagine a better site to take a dive course. If you’re a diving enthusiast, an open water course with Manta Scuba professionals is a great choice.

Snorkeling at Cabo San Lucan scuba diving sites

If you’re looking for activities in Cabo Sal Lucas, snorkeling has probably popped up more than once, simply because the underwater scene in this area is incredible.

Jacques Cousteau, the famous French innovator/filmmaker once said it’s ‘The Underwater Aquarium of the World…’, as the variety and uniqueness of marine life are overwhelming. You can easily spot huge schools of jacks, rays, Sea Turtles, and even sharks and dolphins occasionally.

The conditions are great and the landscape is stunning, with colorful corals, enormous underwater cliffs, and the Sand Falls phenomenon. A must-do experience.

Swimming with one of nature’s greatest

The vibrant marine life of Baja California and Cabo San Lucas diving sites offers you one of the most unique water and underwater experiences the world has to offer: swimming with a few of nature’s greatest. Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, harks, Dolphins, Sea Lions, and other pelagic fish like Tna and Manta Rays – are all here, and swimming with them is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Chilling on the beach

Yes, we know, it’s not a water activity but chilling at these sandy beaches is worth a visit even if you’re overflowing with energy. Please make sure to wear sunscreen and be careful because some of them might be a little dangerous.

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