PADI Divemaster course - skills, leadership and management of the best experience of your life

PADI instructor course allows you to develop your diving skills, gain critical knowledge and experience and develop leadership skills that are crucial when you lead a group of inexperienced divers into the water. 

The last one might be the most important part of your course. You are probably familiar with scuba diving, the gear, and maybe even navigation. Controlling a group of people with little or no experience in diving, leading them into the water is a different scenario, one where you will need a set of capabilities and skills. As a dive master you need to have skills like rescue skills, time management skills, and some more you might not be familiar with at all.

You also sharpen your professional diving knowledge. By practice, mostly: you practice changing the gear, putting it on over and over again, to make sure you are not only trained to do it quickly but trained enough to be able to thoroughly explain it to students.  

Generally, the PADI Divemaster course includes 3 parts: theory, where you learn about the physical aspects of diving, and other theoretical elements and knowledge. The 2nd part is all about practice, where you exercise your water skills in a friendly and safe environment like a pool. The 3rd part is the fun part, where you gain practical open-water experience, including what it’s like to lead a group as a divemaster. 

The theoretical part

The first part can be also referred to as the knowledge part. PADI Divemaster course starts with refreshing your prior knowledge as well as building a deeper understanding of the physics of diving and the underwater environment. You’ll also learn decompression theory, rescue and first aid, and some business aspects of diving. 

Few subjects you learn in the theory part:  

– The physical aspects of diving 

– Diving effects on the body

– Diving planning

– Introduction to dive computers

– Using an RDP table and eRDPML to plan dives

– Preparing an Emergency Assistance Plan 

– Mapping a dive site

The practice and skills part 

At this part, you strengthen your practical abilities and skills to the highest standard. This is the part where things get real. You need to pass physical tests and demonstrate proficiency in various diving skills. You develop your search and recovery skills, learn how to manage a dive site and a dive flow successfully. 

An important feature of this part is developing your ability to brief divers and teach them everything they need to know. That’s the reason you need plenty of exercises – You need to master it to the level you can demonstrate to students thoroughly, explain what you are doing and what should be done by them. This includes a breakdown of each skill and movement to make sure students can understand thoroughly what to do 

Few things you practice and be examed on: 

– 400-meter swim

– 800-meter snorkel swim

– 100-meter tired diver tow

– 15-minute tread tow

– Mask removal, replacement, and clearing

– Regulatory recovery 

– Five-point ascend

Air depletion exercise

– Remove and replace scuba unit underwater 

The open-water part

This is where you finally get into the ocean. Moreover, this part is where you practice and experience what it’s like to work and dive as a PADI divemaster. This is far behind the practical knowledge and skills – this is about being responsible for people’s lives, leadership, and being a role model. 

Aside from the diving knowledge you gain at this part, you also learn everything you need to know working with divers, from tieing the mooring bell to costumers service.   

Here are some of the things you do at this part: 

– Locations picking 

– Emergency equipment

– Dive briefing 

– Recovery scenario

– Navigation, including navigating with a compass of at least 20 kick cycle

– Recognize problems while diving

To sum things up, the divemaster course will develop your skills and knowledge about the sea, diving and more. Not only that, the course develops leadership traits that are essentially required when in charge of people’s experience and, most importantly – their lives. You become the best diver you ever were, but not only that, you become confident and experienced enough to know your way around in deepwater to lead a group together with a PADI instructor. 

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