Night scuba diving Cabo San Lucas

Dreaming of night diving in Cabo San Lucas ?

Well if you are all up for having a time of your life on your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to plan for a night dive.

Discovering Night diving

Diving is an exhilarating, adventurous event that definitely sends our blood pumping by unleashing some beautiful sights. Memorable as it is, there is a whole lot of things that are left undiscovered during a day dive and certainly warrants diving in the night to explore more. Diving at night opens up a different world showcasing the marine life from a different perspective. 

Cabo San Lucas is an immensely beautiful place nestled in the southernmost tip of Mexico that attracts divers from all across the world. Diving here is one of the most enthralling things you can do here. What’s even more special is the several night diving spots you find dotted across the region. So, what is the mystery behind the appeal of night scuba diving Cabo San Lucas?

The beauty of night dives

Night dives can be more fun-filled than diving during days. It forms for a unique and fascinating experience, as one gets to witness a lot more of creatures that shy away from the morning light. The oceans adorning Cabo are comparatively busier with the bustling of beautiful creatures laid against its picturesque seascape. Exploring the dark waters of Pacific in Cabo San Lucas at night will enable you to grasp the nocturnal life of critters like lobsters, octopuses, crabs, moray eels and parrotfishes which normally hide away in the morning. The beautiful night perspective allows you to visit creatures in their sleeping shelter, like in case of Parrotfish that rest in their protective bubble.

If that was not all, the corals and reefs have a vivid animation over the night time where you can encounter them in their pristine state with all of its glorious colors. Unobstructed by the shade of the sunlight, you can clearly perceive the depth and beauty of natural form around you. For many, this vibrancy and liveliness leave a lasting impact. 

Night dive at pelican rock

A prime diving location for night scuba diving at Cabo San Lucas which is also one of the most popular and picturesque dive and snorkeling sites is the Pelican’s Rock in Los Cabos. The dark perspective of the beautiful waters of Pacific makes for a spellbinding underwater experience as you progress through its varying depths. From sighting a hunting octopus or cruising stingrays, the calm and dim lit waters is a haven to a variety of activities. The flowering orange cup corals are altogether a great sight to behold with its vibrant and bright colors which shine under the moonlight. Night diving often commences after sunset where the time could be arranged according to the customer’s preference.

Things to keep in mind before night scuba diving at Cabo San Lucas

A night dive could be very different from regular day diving, and for divers, it could be a little overwhelming. However, it is quintessential that one is equipped with proper knowledge and safety basics before undertaking a dive, especially a night one which requires proper experience in day conditions.

It is important that one has to be a certified PADI open water diver. Learning diving basics like buoyancy, nitrogen absorption, healthy and unblocked breathing, safety stops, and hand gestures is significant. Before heading for a night dive, it is advisable that you take a trip to the site in the daytime to get yourself acquainted with the place.

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