Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to dive with the mighty bull sharks?

Well if you are all up for having a time of your life on your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to plan for diving with bull sharks.

When to Come?

To enjoy diving in Mexico with bull sharks, you need to plan your trip somewhere between November and March and do include Cancun and Riviera Maya on your go-to list. The reason is that bull sharks only appear off the Mexican Caribbean coastline that touches Cancun and Playa del Carmen during these months.

Bull sharks can swim as effortlessly in freshwater as these can in saltwater. When the bull shark season is in full swing, you will see public submerging into the clear, blue waters of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can also enjoy this wonderful experience you just need to consult with Manta Scuba for all types of diving trips from VIP trips to full-on diving courses.

Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

Why Choose Mexico?

If you want to dive with bull sharks, you must visit Mexico at the right time. Mexican Caribbean coastline serves as a breeding ground for bull sharks. Hence, these keep visiting the shallow waters at the Mexican coastline.

We at Manta Scuba Diving guarantee you that once you dive here in Mexico, you will be coming back year after year. The atmosphere, facilities and the experience all are simply superb in Mexico. Interacting with Mother Nature can never be as much fun if you haven’t tried bull shark dive. We can arrange a full-fledge trip for you to ensure diving with bull sharks and other remarkable sea creatures.

Why bull shark dive is the best?

The adrenaline, thrill and amazement that you get by diving with bull sharks is simply unmatchable. Who doesn’t want to dive alongside a shark but many shy away due to fear and apprehensions. But there is no need to feel scared as we make sure that safest diving environment is provided to you and you can expect a truly rewarding, intriguing and the best diving in Mexico. Bull sharks are friendly creatures as long as these are not disturbed. So, you will get an exciting time diving with bull sharks.

Best Time and Place to Dive?

We would suggest that you dive in the morning as morning dives are perfect time to encounter bull sharks. It is the time when these creatures play in the waters. Yucatan coast’s deep reefs are the best spot to dive especially if you are diving in the morning.

How to Dive?

Diving with bull sharks is only allowed for certified divers and not for beginners and novice divers. Our expert divers will be accompanying you on your trip.

If you are really eager to enjoy this thrilling experience, we suggest you take a diving course. We can also help you in this regard just check out our diving course options. Once you are prepared to dive with bull sharks, take our word for it that you will be relishing it for a long time.

After you become certified diver, you will get the exclusive opportunity to interact with bull sharks at approx. 75 to 79 feet. As you will be face-to-face with some of the most remarkable, huge and feared creatures you can understand the excitement level yourself.

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