Mexico Scuba Diving Locations

Best place for scuba diving in Mexico
Scuba Diving is a fun water activity which is likely to be on every adventure-craving individual’s bucket list. When you watch scuba diving on TV or in real life, why do you think the divers reaching their dive boats are absolutely happy with a smile on their faces. Their expression is the biggest giveaway and can easily describe how fun and exciting this activity is.

Mexico scuba diving locations are a great pick for divers and snorkelers as they get to be amidst the immense beauty of natural water bodies. The coastline of the country touches the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making for some breathtaking locations where you can indulge in Scuba diving.

Baja California – One of the Best Scuba Diving Locations in Mexico

The magical and enchanting Baja California in Mexico is also a dream location for those seeking water activities. Baja California has innumerable and wonderful Mexico Scuba Diving Locations that attracts the best divers from across the globe.

On the East side is the Gulf of California and on the West is the massive Pacific Ocean. Cabo San Lucas is found in the south, the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada are the major tourist destinations in this area. Not surprisingly, the majority of tourism activities which you can find here are Scuba Diving, fishing and Whale watching.

The Isla Guadalupe is another famous volcanic island which offers a lot of water adventures. La Paz is a resort destination and is one of the best destinations for diving in the Peninsula. The most famous and jet-set location, a place worth visiting and seeing is the Cabo San Lucas.

Just a two-hour flight away, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places for Scuba Diving in Mexico that also doubles up as a weekend getaway for the rich and famous. This is also an excellently protected marine park to Scuba dive with innumerable dive sites.

Lands End, Pelican Rock, and Neptune’s Finger, just to name a few, are some exquisite dive sites where you can enjoy and experience exquisite marine life, beautiful sun-bathed water, weathered landscapes and stunning coral reefs.

mexico scuba diving locations

Let Manta Scuba Diving Take You Through the Best Mexico Scuba Diving Locations

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  • The groups are divided keeping in mind the experiences of the divers so that their diving experience can be a lot of fun as the team members can know each other in a better manner.
  • Our priority is always the safety and security of the divers. We take care of every minute detail to prevent any untoward incidents. We maintain our equipment so that they are in best condition and have all the emergency gear in place. Our staff is trained in Rescue, CPR, and First Aid.
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