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Best place for scuba diving in Mexico
Scuba Diving is a fun water activity which is likely to be on every adventure-craving individual’s bucket list. When you watch scuba diving on TV or in real life, why do you think the divers reaching their dive boats are absolutely happy with a smile on their faces. Their expression is the biggest giveaway and can easily describe how fun and exciting this activity is.

Mexico scuba diving locations are a great pick for divers and snorkelers as they get to be amidst the immense beauty of natural water bodies. The coastline of the country touches the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making for some breathtaking locations where you can indulge in Scuba diving.

Baja California – One of the Best Scuba Diving Locations in Mexico

The magical and enchanting Baja California in Mexico is also a dream location for those seeking water activities. Baja California has innumerable and wonderful Mexico Scuba Diving Locations that attracts the best divers from across the globe.

On the East side is the Gulf of California and on the West is the massive Pacific Ocean. Cabo San Lucas is found in the south, the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada are the major tourist destinations in this area. Not surprisingly, the majority of tourism activities which you can find here are Scuba Diving, fishing and Whale watching.

The Isla Guadalupe is another famous volcanic island which offers a lot of water adventures. La Paz is a resort destination and is one of the best destinations for diving in the Peninsula. The most famous and jet-set location, a place worth visiting and seeing is the Cabo San Lucas.

Just a two-hour flight away, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places for Scuba Diving in Mexico that also doubles up as a weekend getaway for the rich and famous. This is also an excellently protected marine park to Scuba dive with innumerable dive sites.

Lands End, Pelican Rock, and Neptune’s Finger, just to name a few, are some exquisite dive sites where you can enjoy and experience exquisite marine life, beautiful sun-bathed water, weathered landscapes and stunning coral reefs.

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Let Manta Scuba Diving Take You Through the Best Mexico Scuba Diving Locations

Located in the beautiful location of Cabo, we at Manta Scuba Diving are experts at underwater world exploration for fifteen years and are tirelessly making the dreams of countless divers true. Providing exceptional services for novices as well as professionals, it’s no surprise that we’re the number one choice for all divers in this region.

Reasons why Manta Scuba Diving is the best?
  • Our guides here are certified PADI instructors and dive masters. Our dive masters and instructors are highly experienced not only at the Sea of Cortez but also around the world.
  • To provide a better service, we dive in small groups. Each group comprises of six certified divers per guide or three non-certified divers per guide.
  • The groups are divided keeping in mind the experiences of the divers so that their diving experience can be a lot of fun as the team members can know each other in a better manner.
  • Our priority is always the safety and security of the divers. We take care of every minute detail to prevent any untoward incidents. We maintain our equipment so that they are in best condition and have all the emergency gear in place. Our staff is trained in Rescue, CPR, and First Aid.
  • We are a great and a very friendly team. We enjoy diving and also sharing our diving experiences with other divers.

Scuba Diving Mexico: A Haven for Divers

With captivating locales, Mexico offers you wonderful scuba diving destinations, the very clear and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the darker and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the meeting point of Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea, are the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, which are good for both novice as well as professional scuba divers.

There are underwater caves which showcase the spectacular play of lights that you can enjoy making for some lifelong memories. Cancun is another location which is excellent for Scuba diving as there is a massive underwater museum situated here. Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico which has special categories of diving for amateurs and professionals alike. Divers here can take a delightful swim with the turtles as well as other aquatic animals. There are options for drift dives as well as deep wall dives.

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Discovering the best scuba diving areas in Mexico

There is something magical of being in the ocean, exploring the beautiful and unique underwater life and generating memories that will follow you forever. The exact moment that you look at that dept of the blue water and colorful fish, you will reach a high level of excitement and you will get an euphoria sensation that tickles your entire body.

When we think about diving throughout the ocean, we immediately imagine the most amazing locations all over the world. We think about the great barrier reef in Australia, the spectacular Barracuda point in Malaysia and the incredible nature phenomenon of the blue hole in Belize. If you live in the states and you really want to scuba dive without having to travel across the other side of the world, you can always go to your neighbor country – Mexico. Over there you will find one of the best diving locations in the world, and once in a lifetime experience.

Scuba Diving destinations in Mexico: Cabo San Lucas – Manta Scuba Diving

In the Southernmost tip of Baja Peninsula lies the Cabo San Lucas which is a paradise for Scuba Diving Mexico. The Manta Scuba Diving resort found in Cabo San Lucas has been offering expert underwater exploration and professional diving services for fifteen years now!

We love our job of fulfilling people’s desires and dreams of diving underwater and experiencing the otherworldly marine life. We have been helping people scuba dive, irrespective of them being novices or professionals. Our team consists of extremely experienced instructors with PADI certifications making them great guides.

We use only the latest diving gear in all our diving sessions, including the training sessions. Those signing up can choose from a variety of certification courses, such as those for beginners and can go all the way to Divemaster Internships. You can expect to find two air compressors on site at our dive training pool, including Nitrox mixing. We make people dive in small groups so that they find it interesting and safe.

If that was not all, the corals and reefs have a vivid animation over the night time where you can encounter them in their pristine state with all of its glorious colors. Unobstructed by the shade of the sunlight, you can clearly perceive the depth and beauty of natural form around you. For many, this vibrancy and liveliness leave a lasting impact. 

The beauty of night dives

Night dives can be more fun-filled than diving during days. It forms for a unique and fascinating experience, as one gets to witness a lot more of creatures that shy away from the morning light. The oceans adorning Cabo are comparatively busier with the bustling of beautiful creatures laid against its picturesque seascape. Exploring the dark waters of Pacific in Cabo San Lucas at night will enable you to grasp the nocturnal life of critters like lobsters, octopuses, crabs, moray eels and parrotfishes which normally hide away in the morning. The beautiful night perspective allows you to visit creatures in their sleeping shelter, like in case of Parrotfish that rest in their protective bubble.

If that was not all, the corals and reefs have a vivid animation over the night time where you can encounter them in their pristine state with all of its glorious colors. Unobstructed by the shade of the sunlight, you can clearly perceive the depth and beauty of natural form around you. For many, this vibrancy and liveliness leave a lasting impact. 

Useful information

Here are some reasons why you should pick Cabo san Lucas Mexico as your next scuba diving destination:

  • Whale watching – during the annual whale migration from Alaska to the equator come to the shores of Baja California whales mass every year. scuba diving next to the whales is dangerous, so the recommendation is to stay on the boat.
  • Cabo Pulmo – or as the famous marine biologist Jacques Cousteau called it, “the world’s aquarium”. This national park is one of the best diving sites in the area and its located north of Cabo San Lucas. The park has rich and colorful underwater world which includes tropical fish, eels, starfish, sea turtles and sharks. Alongside all this, it has shipwrecks and pristine beaches which makes everything look like a painting.
  • Scuba diving culture – there are many diving spots and shallow lagoons that are perfect for scuba diving with the entire family. The people in San Lucas are professionals when it comes to scuba diving and you can feel safe when you enter the water with your children. that will be the best time for them to learn how to scuba dive.

If you made the right choice and decided to go to the best scuba diving in Mexico, Cabo san Lucas, you will not get disappointed. Just make sure to book a hotel a few weeks ahead and enjoy every moment.

Give us a call now at +52-624-1443871 and book your next diving trip with us.

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