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All you need to know about scuba diving vacations
Well known as a captivating tourist haven, Mexico has grown in recent years to be renowned as one of the world-class Scuba Diving Vacations destination. Bound by the whims of the Pacific coast at one end with exotic islands and wrecks, it encircles the Caribbean Sea at the other end. With the riches of picturesque island locations, sandy beaches, mystique caves, cenotes and sightings of marine life, Mexico caters to a mass of scuba divers from all over the globe.

Best scuba diving vacation at the Pacific coast

Here are some destination spots in the Pacific coast that you could vacation at, for scuba diving:

  • The Socorro (Revillagigedos) is comprised of an island group situated at some 250 miles (400 km) from Cabo San Lucas. These islands are known for its Manta rays, Humpback whales and Hammerhead sharks, making this destination a dream come true for pelagic divers.

Acapulco has an allure of its own with its cold water posing a varied challenge to scuba divers. The underwater shrine, drifts and wrecks distinguish this from the other diving spots.

Puerto Vallarta The crystal-clear water and scattered reef system that habitats the blue whale makes Puerto Vallarta, a popular tourist spot attracting the likes of expert divers.

The Marietas Islands and Socorro Islands may suit for more advanced divers whereas the protected sites in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo appeal to beginners.

  • Guadalupe, a volcanic island situated at 385 miles (240 km) west of Baja California is home to an abundant number of Great White sharks. The Discovery bay is one of the well-known Scuba Diving Vacations that has cage diving; accommodating the needs of professional and beginner divers alike.
  •  The Gulf of California ,which is a water stretch sandwiched between Baja California and Mexican mainland, is enriched with a diverse ecosystem of marine riches- Hammerhead sharks, Sea lions and Gray whales, etc.
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Best Seasons for Scuba Diving Vacations

  • Between November and May marks the peak time for Socorro’s island with water temperature ranging from 82 to 70-degree F.
  • For the Guadalupe Island, a suitable time for vacation would be from August to October with water temperature ranging around 66-72-degree F.
  • For the Gulf of California, a suitable time would be from August to November. September and October are the best months for spotting Hammerhead sharks.

Best Scuba Diving Vacations packages Experience with Manta Scuba diving

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We operate 3 world-class custom-made dive boats on all our trips. Our dive gear is regularly inspected by Trace Analytics in Texas, USA, ensuring the highest standards of operation and maintenance. Our facility houses a dedicated dive training room with showers, pool and changing rooms.

We cater to the highest of safety standards, whether it is equipment functioning, protection and rescue operations, all our staffs competent to handle emergency situations with utmost efficiency. In addition we also provide the best scuba diving vacation packages.
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best scuba diving vacation packages

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